Dstny wins 'Communications Innovator of the Year' award from Data News

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3 June 2022
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Dstny Data News Awards 2022

This award is a fantastic recognition for the entire team. To live by our motto ‘'Business Communications, today and tomorrow' innovation is in our core mindset. We are therefore very proud to win the "Communications Innovator of the Year" award from Data News.

On Thursday 2 June, the 23rd edition of the Data News Awards for Excellence took place, the most prestigious ICT event of the year in which 15 different exceptional awards were announced, each one a symbol of excellence in its category. Dstny won the award for “Communications Innovator of the Year”.

The Data News Awards for Excellence are the result of a thorough selection process by the editorial staff, the readers and a jury of ICT professionals. After the readers had cast their votes for the shortlist, the professional jury went into conclave for a thorough evaluation of the selected companies.

Despite stiff competition, Dstny was declared winner in the category "Communications Innovator of the Year". The jury's opinion: "Dstny deserves the award because it continues to ambitiously build on its European story with acquisitions and new integrations in a streamlined strategy." The other nominees in this category: NTT, Orange, Proximus and Telenet Business.



© Leyla Hesna

Joachim Lauwers, Managing Director Dstny Belgium: "At Dstny we want to make business communication across various channels as easy as possible for employees and customers of both SMEs and large companies. Our motto is “Business Communications, today and tomorrow” and innovation plays a central role in this. We are therefore very proud to win the "Communications Innovator of the Year" award from Data News.

The trophies themselves are truly handmade works of art with a focus on sustainability. For this edition of the Data News Awards for Excellence, the organisation came up with a very tasteful design featuring a robotic arm and keyboard keys.



© Leyla Hesna

There were no fewer than 1300 attendees at the Data News Awards for Excellence 2022: an absolute record! It was a wonderful party and the theme of 'The Art of Networking' was perfectly fulfilled



© Leyla Hesna


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