Dstny wins 'Managed Services partner of the Year' award at Cisco Partner Awards 2022

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Dstny wins Cisco Partner Award

On Thursday 22 September, the Cisco BeLux Partner Awards 2022 took place. An annual tradition where Cisco awards its partners for their achievements over the past year. We are immensely proud that Dstny won the 'Managed Services Partner of the Year' award. A great recognition for the team's hard work over the past year.

The perfect mix of business communication and secured connectivity

Easy to reach in the office or on the road, having a reliable and secure connection so that employees can collaborate smoothly and provide customers with the service they expect, that is essential for businesses. At Dstny, we help businesses with the challenges they face by providing the perfect mix of business communications and secured connectivity. We offer a modern communication platform for telephony, chat and video, as well as advanced networking and security solutions. A complete solution so that employees and customers can communicate and collaborate smoothly.

Secured connectivity: SD-WAN and Secure Mobile Workers

For our network and security solutions, we work closely with Cisco. We offer the technologie 'SD-WAN' as solution for a high-performance business network to connect all locations with each other, with the data center and with the cloud. In addition, with 'Secure Mobile Workers' we offer network security that follows the user wherever he is.

Businesses increasingly adopt the use of SaaS and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) applications but traditional WANs aren’t designed for the explosion of internet traffic that cloud adoption brings. That traffic causes management complexity, application-performance unpredictability, and data vulnerability.

SD-WAN addresses today's IT challenges, providing redundant internet and company network access thanks to multiple uplinks and an intelligent failover mechanism, easily managed from one central point with an overview of your network and the performance of your applications.

In today's professional environment, everyone needs to be online all the time. As long as your devices are connected to the company network, layered protection offers a good level of security. NextGen firewalls and anti-malwares protect both your company network as well as your desktop and laptop computers. But the problems start when your employees take their devices outside the secure company environment. The "Secure Mobile Workers" solution provides your employees with a layer of network security on all their devices, wherever they are.

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