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Dstny delivered on its promises, and that’s what counts for us: We were looking for a partner to build a long-term relationship with, and we found one in Dstny.

Yannick Budts

IT-Manager BTV

The story of BTV

BTV, founded in 1927, is a Belgian organisation specialising in safety inspections for private individuals and businesses. A reliable service is highly prized by BTV’s employees. And for that reason, they always look for the right partners to enable them to deliver that service together.

One of these employees is Yannick Budts, IT Manager with BTV. He provides his 430 colleagues with stable IT solutions and takes care of constant innovation and optimisation in the company’s infrastructure. He works on this in collaboration with his colleagues from the IT team, but Dstny is able to make a contribution as well.

The digital challenges

BTV has undergone enormous organic growth over the past years. Within a 5-year period, market demand rose sharply and the number of employees was scaled up to match. That also had an impact on the IT infrastructure. “Over a few years, the number of employees at BTV doubled, and so did the number of offices. That made the management of our on-premise switchboards very time-consuming. Every time we needed to expand, we had to work on all twelve switchboards across our sites in Belgium,” says Yannick Budts.



“Every year, we invest heavily in our service delivery and customer experience. And that’s where our current IT solutions fell short. The network left something to be desired as well. It was obvious to us that it was time for a new IT partner”.

Bearing in mind the growing number of employees, increasing demand from customers and constant need for innovation, BTV looked for a new partner to meet its digital needs. “When we sat down at the table with Dstny, we immediately sensed a match with our own values. Daan (Dstny’s CEO) was also very closely involved personally. He made no secret of his enthusiasm about entering into a partnership with us,” says Yannick. “What's more, we had the feeling that the bigger players in the market couldn't meet our needs. All these elements made the decision very easy for us”.

Our solutions

“It soon became evident that Dstny had a total solution for our digital challenges. They provided us with stable connectivity and a single switchboard in the cloud. That switchboard saves us an enormous amount of work, because the management is centralised. And the extended functions ensure optimum accessibility and the optimum customer experience”.


“And in the new normal, too, Dstny’s Cloud-based solution was highly opportune. Our employees often work at home now, but they’re still available on their work number. They answer calls via the softphone on their laptop. And they’re equipped with Poly (previously Plantronics) Voyager Focus UC headsets for the purpose”.

“The combination of the softphone with headsets was very well received, even by slightly ‘old guard’ colleagues. And with quite a few meetings taking place in the digital world now, the Poly headsets are really practical. Thanks to active noise-cancelling, employees can continue their conversation undisturbed in the same room.

[Photo : Poly Voyager Focus UC headset]


BTV say they chose Dstny
for three reasons




Because Dstny does just what it promises.



Dstny offers quality in its services and service delivery.



Dstny’s people are a walking advertisement for their organisation.

"Dstny technicians, for example, are people who don't just know their job really well, but also know to perfection what BTV needs,” says Yannick. “And I actually have a fourth word: innovation. It was clear from the start that Daan (Dstny’s CEO) was full of ideas and they weren't just fine-sounding words. Dstny has invested in the right technologies in past years, and we get the benefit of that as well”.


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