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26 January 2021
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SmartMobile Plus

Pure efficiency and a highly personal service: that’s what customers expect from you and your colleagues in the year 2020. The coronavirus crisis has done anything but dampen these expectations, quite the reverse. When customers contact you, they want to be able to reach you quickly and smoothly through all kinds of channels – so that you can be of service to them as quickly as possible. And to offer the best possible service, of course you have to be able to work efficiently with your colleagues as well, even if you don't always work together in a single office, but are scattered across a number of sites and home offices, or just travelling.

SmartMobile Plus gives you the answer straight away. With this smart telephony solution, you’re always available for your customers by the channels of your choice, and you can work easily with anyone, regardless of your location. We merge your switchboards and computer into one big telecom system that can deal with any challenge. But SmartMobile Plus’s secret weapon lies in integration. Because we can also add your customer base, your time clock or an important database – there are no limits to the elements we can weld seamlessly together. Why? So that you can really give your customers what they want: pure efficiency and a highly personal service. Five examples to inspire your company.

1. Be available any time, anywhere with one device

You see them stroll by in large industrial sheds or halls: workers with more than one device dangling from their belt – a DECT telephone to call colleagues on this site; a business mobile to reach colleagues at a different site, read e-mails or manage stock via an app; and a mobile for the home front. Anything but convenient. The solution lies elsewhere, in touching distance: by integrating mobile telephony into a fixed communication environment, you ensure that everyone works together smoothly with a single device – the mobile phone. So you don't have to place any more expensive DECT antennas in your halls, and your employees can be reached perfectly even outside the walls of the building.

2. Status and time clock synchronised

In a lot of government departments, employees still have to record their working hours using an electronic time clock. However, that clock naturally does not tell colleagues whether someone is actually present in the office. If the time clock is integrated with the employees’ communication platform, it’s easy. The status of any person who logs in of a morning with his badge is automatically set to ‘in the office’. When you pass by the time clock again in the evening with your badge, the status goes automatically to ‘absent’. It’s handy, because your colleagues see immediately whether you're in the office, or maybe have a day’s leave. A perfect example of how older and brand new technology can adapt to one another, leading to greater ease of use.

3. Who pressed the alarm button?

Residents of residential care homes often depend on the alarm button by their bed or armchair for their everyday needs. However, the care personnel do not always see exactly who gave the signal, they only know which corridor they have to get to. If the alarm system is integrated into a dashboard, carers see at a single glance who called – and can therefore be of service more quickly to the elderly person in need of help.

4. Be better organised using data

Customers don't care how many phone calls your helpdesk has to process every day and how much organisational work that costs you. Getting help as quickly as possible is the only thing that counts – preferably today, on the spot, immediately, right now! Integrating your telephony with a range of databases can make your service provision even more efficient. For example, you will know exactly how much time employees have to deal with and follow up on calls. And that knowledge will enable you to organise even more precisely, in a way that is even more tailored to impatient and demanding customers.

5. Goodbye options menu, hello number recognition

By the way, your customer doesn't have to wait until the friendly voice tells him that he has to press the 1 key for general enquiries, and ‘for questions about your invoice, press 2, for questions about your delivery, press 3’ - and so on, you know the rest, it normally goes on and on. No, your customer can reach the person he wants straight away. What's more, your colleague will immediately address your customer by his first name, because he saw the caller on his screen. While the customer tells him why he is calling, your colleague checks all the details in the customer file that opened automatically on his computer. That truly is made-to-measure service.

Customised for your company

What could SmartMobile Plus mean to your business? A great deal, without doubt. But you have to be open to it. Our tip: have the courage to really look critically at your telecom. Where is your pain point? What is your Achilles heel? Sometimes there is no simple solution, but our specialists can look at that with you. Sometimes you don't see a problem at all, or can't quite put your finger on it. But with SmartMobile Plus, you can find the answer – it is a solution tailored to your specific situation. Because every organisation is different. And once you've got it, you really can give a tailored response to what your customers want.

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