Relocating soon? Destiny is here to help!

re you relocating soon? Don't leave anything to chance - follow the step-by-step plan below and move to your new business premises with peace of mind.

1. Check whether Destiny connectivity is installed at your new address


Are you a Destiny customer? We’ll be pleased to help you and check it with you. Let your account manager know and he or she will be pleased to join you in looking at your organisation’s needs and the technical availability at your new location.

You're not 100% sure of who your account manager is? No problem, you can always reach us on +32 2 401 97 00 and we’ll help you from there.

Are you a Destiny partner? In that case you can check everything yourself or for your customers on our partner portal using the connectivity check.

2. Get round to it in time


Depending on the technical availability at your location, we reckon on four to six weeks to bring your company up to speed at your new location. This period very much depends on the possibilities and technology (e.g. fibre optic technology will always take more time). So get round to it in time!

3. Contract amendment


Your account manager will make a change to your existing contract: that is, the address and possibly a change to the type of technology. After approval, this will be sent to our delivery team, who will guide you through the entire removal.

Your contract therefore stays the same. Addresses are changed automatically and billing will continue as normal.

Are you planning to relocate soon?

Let us know!

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