Your invoice explained

Your Destiny bill: how does it work?

You receive your Destiny bill at the beginning of the month. The bill is made up of various elements:

  • Monthly costs
  • One-time costs
  • Call usage (if you use our telephony services)

The monthly costs are for the following month and are therefore an advance payment. The one-time costs are for services that are carried out only once, such as an installation or the purchase of a device. The call usage applies to the past month and gives you an account of your organisation's total usage of both fixed and mobile telephony. Call usage for services to third parties will always be stated separately.

The call usage is always attached as a PDF. Would you like to have it in Excel? That can be done if you send an email to, they will see to it automatically from the next bill onwards.

Multiple offices

If your organisation has multiple offices and these offices have Destiny services, the invoice will be drawn up per office and therefore per address, as set down in the contract.