Features of MyDstny

Our MyDestiny self service portal allows you as a customer to

  • consult the status of open support tickets and deliveries or repairs
  • find all details of your services per site
  • view documentation about our solutions
  • download invoices
  • manage mobile services yourself
  • change the contacts within your organisation and view your contacts at Destiny


We describe all MyDestiny’s features briefly below.



You can see what's important to you as a Destiny customer here at a glance. You see immediately what action you have to take.

Insight into your sites

You’ll see all the sites where your company operates with Destiny services currently (or will do in the near future) on the map. Want to know more about a specific site? Click on the relevant pin, we’ll immediately redirect you to the My insights page.

Your recent items

Here you will see immediately the items you viewed last. To pin an item, click on the star next to the subject.

Your open tickets

All open processes or tickets and their status at a single glance. You can also filter them easily as active/inactive or by detail (such as ‘supplier input waiting’).

Mobile services in progress

Have you requested mobile services but they haven’t been activated yet? View them here or activate them with a single click on the button.

Problems with mobile transfer

Did you transfer a mobile number from a different provider and have it rejected? View here why that happened and solve the problem.

Quick actions

With the ‘Add Service’ button, you give your existing users in your company additional mobile and/or SmartMobile services quickly and easily.

Waiting for your reply

You’ve logged an incident but not yet had a reply? Sometimes we need more technical information from you before we can solve the problem. Zoom in and we’ll take you directly to the tickets for which we need more input.

Create a new ticket

Have you got a question or problem? Use this button to create a new ticket, we’ll get down to it straight away. You can track your tickets’ status via the ‘My insights’ page.

Your upcoming installations or repairs

Are our technicians coming to visit you to install or repair something? You’ll see here who’s coming on what date.

My insights


A clear overview of all your sites, projects, services and support tickets. With one click on the map, you filter what’s important to you today.

Your Destiny sites and projects

You see immediately on the map all your connected Destiny sites, each with its own customer number giving the address of the site.

Clear overview

Click on one of the three tabs – Support, Services or Delivery – to view the support cases, appointments with technicians or activated services per site.

Self Service

You can manage your mobile and SmartMobile services in the Self Service menu. You can add users, request and exchange SIM cards and upgrade or downgrade bundles.

My resources

You will find important information about your Destiny Partnership in this section. For example, you can view and download your SLAs, general terms and conditions or mobile tariff plan.


Manage my company

Want to change your company details? This is where you do that.

Manage my contacts

The overview of everyone in your organisation for whom we have information. You add a new contact easily with the ‘Add contact’ button.

Click on a contact to process his or her details. You can also change their roles (this affects the information that they receive from us, such as support emails or invoices) and their rights (what they can see in the portal).

Is a contact leaving the organisation? In that case, you can remove them easily here.

My invoices

This section gives you an overview of your Destiny invoices, including the amount and payment status. You can also download them easily here.

Contact us

Here you will find all your Destiny contacts and their details. You're not entirely satisfied with the way a ticket was handled, or with our service provision? Or do you want to ask about something else? Take a look at our escalation matrix: you’ll see the right contact immediately.

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