Dstny and Microsoft Teams

Communicate and collaborate from anywhere

With the Microsoft Teams collaboration tools and the advantages of a Cloud switchboard within the same virtual environment.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate easily with your colleagues within the same virtual environment

Low-cost call rates with top quality via the Dstny network

No investment in your own Session Border Controller

Easy to integrate via SmartMobile Plus’s wide array of telephone switchboard functionalities

What can you expect from this solution?

Collaborating across multiple offices

No more standing in traffic jams for short physical meetings. You collaborate virtually with colleagues and partners as never before.

More efficiency and productivity

Your employees can work more easily anywhere via one single platform.

Pay for what you use

Is your business growing? In that case, we’ll grow with it. No expensive investments, but a clear monthly price tag that can be quickly adjusted.

Combine Dstny and Microsoft Teams with...


SmartMobile Plus

Experience the user-friendliness of Teams in combination with SmartMobile Plus’s countless telephone system capabilities: fixed/mobile integration, call centre applications and sophisticated integration opportunities.

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The right devices

Do your employees work with a headset, earphones or a landline phone? Use devices that can be perfectly configured with Microsoft Teams.

colleagues with pc
colleagues with pc

A partnership with Destiny

Are you a fervent Microsoft Teams partner who would like to combine these services with normal telephony, but you don't have the support you need? Contact us, we’ll take care of it!

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Group selfie
Group selfie


Software from Microsoft seems the best solution for your organisation, but the implementation isn't fully in place yet? Let us know: we’ll look together for the right partner to help you or to explain the various options.

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The perfect moment to choose Dstny, says Jelle

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