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Communicate and collaborate smartly. Anywhere and at any time. Via one fixed landline number.


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How does SmartMobile Plus work?

Working and communicating smartly any time and anywhere with one fixed landline number: how does it work? Find out with the practical example of Jack. Or watch  below how our support team communicates with our customers.

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A practical example

Jack works as an agent in an insurance office. In this role, he’s often on the road visiting customers. With the SmartMobile Plus solution, this is what his working day could look like:

All the details of SmartMobile Plus

SmartMobile Plus ConnectMe
SmartMobile Plus ConnectMe

What SmartMobile Plus can do

  • Unlimited internal and external calls to all fixed landline and mobile national numbers via VoIP  
  • Fixed/mobile integration: outbound and inbound calls via one fixed landline number, whatever device you have  
  • Seamless integration with your back office applications, such as ERP & CRM software: Teamleader, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Gmail and much more  
  • Set statuses: display when and how you’re available, both today and for future activities  
  • Work easily with your colleagues and customers via chat, video calls and screen sharing  
  • Multi-device ringing: decide for yourself which communication tool you’ll use to answer calls: mobile, softphone or a fixed device  
  • Make group calls and conference calls  
  • One voicemail for all devices  
  • Redirect or answer calls via a voice computer with an options menu (IVR)  
  • Set up small call centres with queuing, with the facility to communicate waiting times to people who call up.

How you use it

With SmartMobile Plus, every user decides individually what device suits him or her best.

Fixed devices

  • Polycom IP Phones

Wired headsets

  • Plantronics Headset
  • Jabra Headset
  • USB connection for PC or mobile device

Wireless headsets

  • Plantronics Headset
  • Jabra Headset
  • DECT/bluetooth connection for PC or fixed device

Naturally, you can integrate your SmartMobile Plus fully with your mobile device. So you don't necessarily have to invest in different hardware.

Process delivery SmartMobile Plus
Process delivery SmartMobile Plus

How we get it to you

Personal delivery from A to Z: that's what we do.

  • You’ve ordered SmartMobile Plus? Your personal project manager will schedule a meeting to go through the set-up of your new telephone exchange.
  • One of our technicians will start with the configuration and installation. We will port your current numbers or order new ones.  
  • No worries: we’ll only interrupt your telephony to the minimum extent.  
  • Naturally, we’ll instruct you in how to handle SmartMobile Plus. Portal managers and end users will get a customised training course from us (or from the manager at your company).  
  • As soon as everything is implemented, your IT manager can carry out all changes via the user portal. Naturally, you can also contact our support team.
SmartMobile Plus profiles
SmartMobile Plus profiles

How much it costs

You pay a one-time installation fee and a monthly license fee per user. Included: call minutes for all profiles and the integration of your CRM or ERP systems. Totally transparent: you see how much you will have to pay at all times.


You also choose the right profile per employee, so that your payments are perfectly tailored. The difference in costs per profile depends on your colleagues’ data usage and on the question of whether they work in the office or not.


For a complete overview: consult our brochure.


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