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SmartFit in your company?

Is your company an innovative SME with a spectrum of digital challenges? But are you getting fed up of the all-in-one packages from other providers? Put your own bundle together with SmartFit and don't pay a cent too much. You’ll get secure and smart telecom in the cloud, customised for your company.

That’s how we prepare you for the digital challenges of tomorrow... as it should be!

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The benefits to your organisation

Always connected securely. Worry-free.


Only pay for what you use

No expensive telephone switchboard, no maintenance contract, no fixed costs. And no services at all that you never use. Pay up to 30% less than you do now.

Modify your contract with no hassle

More mobile employees? More bandwidth needed? With Dstny, you’re not stuck with your contract. Modify it whenever you want, with no hassle.

Personal service, 24/7

Simple. If that’s what you ask for, that’s what you get. With 1 contact and 1 contract, you soon get your admin done. The experts from our customer service will help you 24/7. That way, you never have to lose sleep over it.

Everything taken care of

Keeping your business running continuously, that’s what it’s all about for you. With SmartFit, you also benefit from a 4G backup, inclusive! That way you’re available to your customers and employees securely any time, anywhere... as it should be!

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